What Guests Are Saying About The Candle Making Experience

A Sip & Pour Candle Making Experience is something one must experience for themselves. Located in Bridgeport Connecticut, NaturalAnnie Essentials Candle Bar is an extension of their candle brand. Scented soy candles are hand poured by the company's small family team and are inspired by the Islands - specifically Jamaica, as that is where Annie and her family is from.

naturalannie essentials candle bar


One the weekends the production area of the studio is flipped into a aesthetically pleasing candle bar, where guests come in to make their very own custom candles, the class is led by Annie herself and her team. While the candle bar only serves up melted wax and fragrances, guests are able to Bring their own beverages (BYOB) to the candle making sessions.




The candle making experience at NaturalAnnie Essentials candle bar is like no other you will see around!

  • This is not a tea party experience
  • It is not a candle making class you would take if you are looking to get into the business of candle making as the class is centered around a social experience
  • Classical music is not expected 
  • Negative energy is not welcomed


There is a level of entertainment that is loved and expected at NaturalAnnie Essentials candle bar. The sessions are designed to be social and interactive and offers:

  • A DJ: DjPaul keeps the experience lively throughout as he spins some favorite tunes. You can also expect some Jamaican music while you are here. You know it is time to start mixing your fragrance into your wax when you here the official "stirring song" drops, this beloved song  "Stir Fry" by internationally known Jamaican Dancehall artiste DingDong gets the guests rocking and grooving as they mix their candles. 
  • Good vibes: good vibes always linger at the candle bar, the guests who participate are usually looking to get out and socialize, and that they do! this is a great space to meet new people or to hang out with your friends and family while doing something fun together
  • A step by step instructor: Owner and candle maker Annie herself walks the group step by step through the experience, so no worries if you have no clue what you are doing, and might I add she is a true ray of sunshine with a sense of humor like no other!
  • Games & Entertainment: Once you pour your candles there is a break session where you can play games, relax, take photos in the "Insta worthy" space, or dance to your hearts desire. There is truly never a dull moment


In one google review guest Crecia Cipriano wrote:

"make candles, make friends, make merry, make magic 🕯 🍷✨️

NAE is all the best things — woman-owned, black woman-owned, family-run, small biz-tastic, local (to me), super high quality products, brilliantly cutting edge while also sticking to what works, rocking trends without losing focus, fun-forward, joyful, fresh, fab

their candles are my faaaaaaave + it's rare i buy a one from anyone else lol

and these candle making events are next level good times

you can bring ur besties to celebrate (2 birthdays went down when i was there, plus lots of folks celebrating just getting thru the damn week!)

or you can go solo + make fast friends (like i did)

after a long week, this was a PURRRRfect way to wind down + turn up

learn some candle making + burning basics, connect with the best people, sip what soothes or ignites, play games, shop + create — all with a soundtrack meant to make you sing, strut, bounce + groove and, if ur extra young + limber, do all sorts a fancy TikTok dancing moves)

i've been meaning to get my rear over there for months, and what a gift it was to finally get there for their special friends-giving event

once you experience the magic, you'll easily move from "meaning to" to "making it happen"

i'm heading over to book my next event now!"


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If you too are looking to un-wind and have a fun evening out, click HERE to check out the candle bar availability! Keep in mind these spots fill up fast! 

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