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Have you been looking for a new and engaging can’t-miss experience? This unique Sip & Pour candle making experience could be just what you are looking for. If you’ve been searching for a cozy, intimate, and conversational setting to spend time with some close friends or family, you’ll love to hear what the Sip & Pour experience has to offer. 

Combining the therapeutic process of candle making with your favorite beverage is the ultimate way to spend a free afternoon or evening. Be sure to stick around until the end - you won’t want to miss out on this candle bar craze!

What is a Candle Bar?

What is a Candle Bar?

A candle bar is a place where guests can pour their own personally crafted candles, all while indulging in their favorite drinks, hence Sip & Pour. 

Similar to paint and sip experience often put on by art studios, the Sip & Pour at our intimate candle bar is a fantastic way to try your hand at something new while making unforgettable memories with your closest friends. 

How does the Sip & Pour Candle Making experience work?

Sip & Pour’s allow guests to bring their own favorite beverages (BYOB), along with any desired food. Light snacks will also be provided, but most guests find pleasure in conversing over their favorite cabernet or merlot and a charcuterie board!

In total, the intimate experience will last 1.5 hours, during which you’ll be able to pour your own 9oz candle along with a wax melt. Once the candle is poured, you’ll have some time to kill while you let them sit and cool. 

During this time, guests are free to roam the studio as they wish, lounge in our lounge area, or sit and chat with friends and family. Here are some of the other benefits you can take pleasure in during your time at the candle bar:

  • Shop around other candles and gifts with a 20% off coupon
  • Partake in fun games and music with the rest of your party
  • Have a mini photoshoot in our "instagrammable" studio to capture this memorable experience!
  • Just relax – you’ve earned it!

When is the best time to do a Sip & Pour?

Anytime! The Sip & Pour experience is a great way to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, bridal showers, graduations, and more. A few hours at the candle bar is also a great way to spend an afternoon out of the house. 

** If you have a large group and want a cozy, intimate environment all to yourself, you’ll find benefit in booking a private party experience, so long as your group is 10 people or more. 

How do I Book a Sip & Pour Experience?

If you are looking for a great way to make some new memories with a close group of friends or families in the Bridgeport, Connecticut area, feel free to book a class here. We are happy to accommodate your group and would love to assist in making your Sip & Pour experience as memorable as possible. Like many guests before you, this candle making experience will be something to cherish for years to come!

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