Candle Making Class – A creative way of promoting team bonding

Candle Making Class – A creative way of promoting team bonding

Have you been looking for a new and effective way for your team to promote bonding? Attending endless meetings and discussions in the board room 5 to 6 days a week for multiple hours can be quite hectic for employees who are part of the corporate world.  Working from come is also apart of todays normal workplace, and even that can get daunting on your staff.

If you want to ensure that your employees stay productive and efficient at the work they do, then it is vital that you motivate them through different activities and creative sessions. 


How Can a Candle Making Session Help Co-Workers Bond  

Interacting with your employees and knowing them better is highly important because that way, you get to understand their perspective on things as well. Booking a candle-making session will help the employees open up, and they might consider sharing the issues they have been facing at work. This way, you will get the chance to help them out and encourage them to do better in a more relaxed environment.

Benefits of Attending a Candle Making Session Together 

  • Break the monotony and be creative

If the workers at your company are going through a tough week due to increased workload, then a candle-making session will help them eliminate the stress. Also, they will be able to unwind and relax while candle making is a form of therapy. 

  • Converse, collaborate, and have fun

If you want your employees to open up to you and share the issues they are facing, a candle making class can be the ideal platform. Participating in such a session will make them more comfortable if you want to discuss work with them. 

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