3 Cozy Activities for Winter

In the coldest season, it’s best to have a good stockpile of indoor, cozy activities to keep you occupied. 

Winter can feel very isolating: it’s colder, it gets dark earlier, and you may not always have the energy to go out and see friends. Having a list of fun, cozy, winter-safe activities in your arsenal will help you avoid boredom and loneliness and have fun! Here are three to start your list. 

Have a Sleepover-Style Movie Marathon 

There’s nothing better than having a bunch of close friends over to cuddle up and watch some movies. Just like the old days of sleepovers and pillow forts, you can lay out some pillows and blankets on the floor, light a few soy candles, pop some popcorn, and get the movie marathon going. We may suggest a movie series or a genre so that all the film selections are connected through a common theme, but the world is your oyster!


Start an In-Person or Virtual Book Club

When it’s cold and dark out, it’s common to want to improve your connections with others. Consider starting a book club so you can knock out the rest of your reading goal for the year. Bonus: if you make it a virtual book club, you can invite some long-distance friends you may not have seen in a while. They’ll appreciate the gesture and the opportunity to bond with you from far away. 


Try Your Hand at Candle Making 

What’s cozier than a nice candle? Answer: nothing. Try your hand at a candle making class like the ones at NaturalAnnie’s Essentials Sip & Pour events. You’ll get to learn how to pour your own candles while sipping on wine and munching on snacks in a laidback, intimate atmosphere. If you venture outside in the winter for just one activity, this should be it. 


Cozy Activities for Winter in connecticut


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